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Circles Sessions

Kinship community

Kinship is a place to gather, connect, and deepen self-awareness & wisdom with a global community of like-minded men.

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"Life isn’t about climbing as high as you can — life is about circles. It’s about coming back to the places where parts of you belong."

(Musa Okwonga)

Kinship is our global community of men coming together to explore new ideas and perspectives on what it means to be a man.

We share stimulating, curated content & resources that draw on old and new wisdom for the biggest questions and challenges we are holding in our lives, themes like work, money, relationships, love, grief and purpose.

We use a paid-for community platform (Mighty Networks) for ongoing chat, connection, events & sharing among members.

App / online 

Contribution-based: pay-what-you-can

"A safe space to delve deeper into conversations about being a man in the context of the world we live in and explore dimensions of yourself not yet made explicit."

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