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Circles Sessions

Short story about loss and rejuvenation

Retreats & Workshops

Coming soon. Nature-based experiences, where men can connect in person on a deeper level to facilitate radical personal growth and meaningful change in their lives.

Ranging from 2-hr workshops to multi-day retreats in nature, our in-person experiences allow men to step away from day-to-day responsibilities, stresses and distractions, reflect on how they're living and relating to others and explore deeper questions such as what they're seeking or needing as men.


Our retreats are in natural settings and incorporate somatics, music, sound, physicality, group work and exercises, including connecting together in circle. This setting allows for deeper discoveries that translate into meaningful changes in our real lives. Each retreat is a deliberate exploration of how we can step into our full potential as happy & healthy men. 


Workshops are shorter sessions, each exploring a particular theme, practice or skill. For example: Purpose, Sexuality, Masculinity, Money, Relationships, Deep Listening, Not Knowing, Radical Honesty, Courageous & Authentic Communication. Each is a blend of content, dialogue and practice. Participants leave with insights, actions & commitments that can be applied in their everyday lives.

An open space for any man to completely be truthful to himself, share his deepest fears, thoughts, concepts, and connect at a very deep and spiritual level with like-minded brilliant down to earth human beings.

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