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Leader Brother Son was founded in 2019 by Jindy Mann, a leadership coach, consultant and facilitator with a journey that has straddled corporates, startups, coaching, spiritual practice, and psychology.

Jindy and a team of experienced facilitators use their wealth of experience to host all of the circles, retreats & workshops to nurture meaningful conversations and committed action.

Jindy is an experienced space holder who inspires self-inquiry, self-development and self-discovery, with the belief that the most powerful guidance comes from the group and the individual. 

He encourages the group to tap into its intuitive collective wisdom and ultimately let men be their own guides.

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Jindy Mann

  • Certified Leadership coach (ICF)

  • Organisational consultant

  • Facilitator

  • Way of Council guide

  • 20+ years in corporates, consulting & startups

  • MSc Finance, BA Retail Marketing

  • Author

Throughout my life what I’ve seen a prevalence of a certain type of masculinity:  in the patriarchal British Asian community that I grew up in, in football teams that I was a part of and in countless corporates and startups I’ve worked with.


It is a type of masculinity that compels men to shut down valuable parts of themselves but the knock on effect is that they live less rich and fulfilled lives, creating suffering for themselves and contributing to the suffering of others.


I know deeply that there’s another way to be a man than the current limited set of roles and stereotypes on offer for men and my mission now as a professional leadership coach, consultant and advisor is to enable men to rediscover old ways and find new ways of being bold and courageous in their masculinity.


I’ve spent my entire adult life figuring out who I am and what sort of man I should be.  For me, this journey will never end and I want to share it with anyone who wishes to walk beside me.

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An open space for any man to completely be truthful to himself, share his deepest fears, thoughts, concepts, and connect at a very deep and spiritual level with like-minded brilliant down to earth human beings.

Our Offerings

Men's Circles

Weekly online conversation circles, where men can explore and challenge traditional notions of masculinity and grow into the men they want to be. 


Commitment Circle

An ongoing facilitated weekly space for men to connect and support each other in working out what they really want from life, and committing to making it happen.


At Work

Programmes and spaces to help men master the skills for more authentic relating, for the benefit of both male and female employees, their company and culture. 

(online & in-person)

Retreats & Workshops

Nature-based experiences and workshops, where men can connect on a deeper level to facilitate radical personal growth and meaningful change in their lives.

(online & in-person)

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